Just been taking a breather over the past month to rethink this site. The original reason we set up this blog and page was to promote really the knowledge of the Christian faith in particular with the range of conferences and events but especially live streams that are now widely available from all over the world from some of the top preachers and teachers of our generation.

Since the site in focusing on events ends up looking like a clone of some other sites it has been appropriate to reconsider what the intention is for the site and the determination is that it is to promote knowledge of the Christian faith in general by way of exhortation.

So the use of the site will change somewhat in the coming months, it will have a wider range of material, some of which will be similar to material already produced and some which will be a new type of content. It is also possible we may change the name and web address of the site when the current domain name expires but that won’t be until nearly the middle of next so we will wait and see what we decide then.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride.